vacation eats and product endorsement

It’s vacation time. In our world this basically consists of not being at work, tying up loose ends on the domestic front (I WILL get that bookshelf painted) and eating a lot of easy yummy foods.

15 minutes of prep time with everyone working for the better good produces a delicious breakfast of BBQ grilled tomato and mozarella sandwiches on pumpernickel and a simple spinach and blueberry salad.
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Product Plug: Though ‘Asian Silk’ sounds more like something found in the boudoir, I’m happy to keep this stuff in my fridge. It’s a little spritzy bottle of salad dressing made by Hellmann’s and it’s pretty good stuff. All of the label lit is guaged in 10 squirt serving sizes but I’ve never needed to use that much and that it squirts rather than pours all over the place is genius as it gives coverage control and I’m notorious for getting distracted and over-pouring dressings.


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