Thanks Givings – with four leftover-bustin’ recipes

One of the down sides of this self-employment racket is working g through weekends and late nights, but a peak of that is not being beholden to the Monday to Friday work week.

We took full advantage of that for thanksgiving this year and held an intimate gathering of precious people, our chosen fam, to say thanks for being in and supporting our crazy little fam through thick and thin and I hope you like food because there’s so much freakin’ food.

Spoiling my loves with food is my jam, as I am sure you can imagine.

Why is food not a love language?

Now, I enjoy a good turkey dinner, but my favourite part about cooking a turkey dinner is all of the leftovers and what can be done with them. Turkey soup, turkey pot pie, turkey florentine, potato pancakes, big bowls of turnip with turnip on top.

I decided that would be the theme this year. Yes, I fed my loved ones leftovers.

Well, the mister didn’t. He made homemade turkey sausages, which were divine, and then turned those into some of the best damned sausage rolls I’ve ever had.

But my leftovers kinda swanky leftovers.

And now they’re almost all gone.

That’s the highest praise of all.

Guests were encouraged to bring salads or desserts, so we got spoiled, too.

Every surface of our kitchen served up delicious food. Every seat in the house sat a tuchus. I truly regret not taking a panoramic shot of the bounty/mayhem.

Next time.

10/10 do recommend hosting a casual affair of nibbly foods made with love.

My contributions were:

Follow the links for the recipes and let me know if you use any for your leftovers!


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