The Robot What Makes Us Food

For his birthday, Rob’s parents gifted him with a swankitty-arse electronic pressure cooker that has, like, 12964593 buttons and sings us songs (but still refuses to do the dishes).

To be honest, I’m pretty resistant to introducing gadgets, especially the kinds with large footprints, to the kitchen. We have very little counter space and far too much going on to give much of it up, but I have no regrets with this thing.

My word, but it is magical.

So magical, its operation requires a hat!


Ok. That might be the foam box stuffing stuff, but it was a hat for a while.

Rob took to it straight-away and started cooking with it that very evening and I don’t think he touched the oven for a week and a half.

I had no idea that pressure cookers could be used for SO many things! My exposure to them was limited to the old stove top kinds that could apparently blow one’s head off were one not careful, but the gazillions of aunties I’ve had the pleasure of learning to cook from who insisted they would change my dahl-loving life, but warned that the beasts could blow my head off. Oh, and the one my grandma took out once a year to make her (divine) Christmas pudding).

Rob, on the other hand, fully embraced its capacity for one-pot, or close to one-pot meals as, along with the robot (and the hat), his parents sent two pressure cooker cookbooks.

He made biscuits and sausage gravy (with his own, homemade sausages, of course):


Good, ol’ beans and rice:


A delightful white fish curry:


Chicken and dumplings (!!!):


And so much much more!

It took me a good few weeks to even give the robot a try. Of course, the first thing I did with it was play with the lid that makes it sing songs:

The lid isn’t as difficult to manage as the video makes it out to be, it’s just that handling it while filming was beyond my level of coordination.

After making it sing for me, I panicked. Rob was away and I had NO clue how to make the robot do anything more than sing songs at me. Being the professional technical communicatrix that I am, I took to the user’s guide and muddled through. The instruction were less than clear and kind of all over the place, but I figured it out.

Finally, I put the little robot to use making a stock. I had quite a lot of basil, sage, parsley, savoury, etc stems leftover from setting up herbs for winter that I’d been keeping because it seemed a shame to just toss ’em in the compost bin.  To those I added a few goodies from the bouillon bag and, I shit you not, 20 minutes later I had a gorgeous herbal stock that I drank two mugs of before reducing it for freezing.

No, you don’t get the glorious scent of stock permeating your home for hours on end when you use the pressure cooker instead of the good, old fashioned, stove top way, but duuuuuuudes, 20 MINUTES.

I still haven’t used the robot for anything more than stocks, but man, so many stocks.

Neither of us have used any of the fancy “mode” buttons, either, but I’m sure we’ll get there. I am particularly excited to try polenta in it, given my current less-than-elegant method.

The only down-side we’ve seen so far is that many of the recipes simply don’t use enough herbs and spices for our spoiled palates. Otherwise, it’s a delightful little robot that is easy to clean, makes quick work of dishes that are not normally not at all quick, a pretty healthy way to cook and sings us songs.

An added bonus is that my kitchen plants get a nice little steam bath each time we use it:


Do you use a pressure cooker? Do you love it? Hate it? Have any great recipes to share?


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  1. Gail says:

    Wow! Twenty minutes for stock, at hydro prices now, that is a big bonus. You two are so talented!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thatmelanie says:

      astounding, right? I was thinking the same about hydro and people keep bugging me to make them soups. this makes that far more of a possibility!


  2. I love my pressure cooker I use it at least once a day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thatmelanie says:

      once a day?!? what do you typically use it for?


      1. I always make my morning porridge, whether it is oatmeal, or this weird combo of grains I like. I use it to make hard boiled eggs, i make soup, chicken pork, casseroles, fritattas I am always experimenting. Starting next week, I will be posting my pressure cooker recipes for two on my blog, A Solitary Feast. If you are interested I ll be glad to share the recipes I adapt with before they get posted. I am seriously obsessed with the thing.


      2. thatmelanie says:

        so cool! I’m happy to wait until you post your recipes and be part of your community! can’t wait!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I have the Instant Pot as well and I love it! I’ve only had it for a week but I made a chicken Adobo using the pressure cooker option, a Cuban pork with the slow cooker option, a soup (pressure) and I even made jacket potatoes (manual). They were massive but only took 16 minutes. You just need to finish them off in the oven for a few minutes if you like them with a crispy skin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thatmelanie says:

      that’s so rad. we’re having a lot of fun figuring out all of the things it can do. we’ve yet to use the slow cooker option, but I have a couple of things in mind for that. total kitchen-changer.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t forget that there is a saute option so you yon’t need another pan if you need to brown your meat – or fry onions – before cooking.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. thatmelanie says:

        we have used that a WHOLE lot.

        Liked by 1 person

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