Gifts from Me, to Me, with Love

Having a birthday early in the new year not only means my presents are often wrapped in leftover Christmas paper, but also serves as a reminder to take some down time and do some me stuff – things like working on the millions of little projects I like to have on the go at any given time, but that tend to fall by the wayside in the holiday hustle and bustle.

I somehow forgot that this year, in spite of having a good chunk of no work time on the cards for the week leading up to my birthday. I got a swift reminder that my time was limited while visiting with my lovely convenience store owner-neighbour. She had asked if I was back to work after the holidays. “Aw, heck naw! I don’t have anything on my plate until next week!” And then I came home to a request for a quote.

Truth is, before that, I was just fretting.  Worrying about a million things I don’t really have much control over or at least nothing I could take charge of that moment. Sometimes I just get stuck spinning my wheels in those thoughts because ADHD, so, thanks, lovely convenience store lady! And, also, thanks, past Mel, for providing present and future Mel with a gazillion little projects on which to expend excess brain energy.

I got to work/play right away.

With plants, of course.

I potted up this beauty of a bébé string of pearls plant that I bought from Tiny Flower (it and the pot came in just under $11 after taxes and they had an enormous variety of plants for such an itty bitty space so do go if you’re in the area – it’s right across from the coach terminal) in Toronto a couple of weeks ago:

I've decided that "string of pearls" isn't nearly smutty enough, so I've named it "my pearl necklace".

I’ve decided that “string of pearls” isn’t nearly smutty enough, so I’ve named it “My Pearl Necklace”.

And this sweet, wee silver bush I picked up at the grocery store for a whole $2.50:


Doesn’t it look like something Marie Antoinette would have in her boudoir? I thought so, too. As such, I’ve named it “MA’s Bush”.

I did my annual new year/birthday tarot reading:


It was a really good reading. Actually, all of the readings I’ve done of late have been really good in the sense that they’ve been really revelatory and insightful and helpful. I used a spread that was new to me, but also resounded from the moment I saw it. The rest of the spread creatrix’s site is phenomenal as well. I love that she takes it all from a very intuitive,  work-focused (by which I mean life work, not work-for-money work) POV with a queer bent.

I was in the middle of this when Rob got home from shopping and:

“Are you being witchy?”


“I can tell because of the incense.”

An exchange I thought of  as I lit a super hit in my nerd cave before getting down to a sewing project.

Apparently incense is for getting witchy or getting stitchy in my life.

Another project that has been treading water in the back of me noggin is new pillow slips for our couch cushions, which are looking more than a little dank after…a very long time…I don’t even know how many years of two-leggèds and four-leggèds getting cozy with them.

I started with making one using some leftover fabric from the fluffy housecoat that Bobo so adored so that, perhaps, his wee feline heart might just unbreak after that whole traumatic ordeal:


He’s thinking about liking it:


Vizzini is thinking about humping Bobo.

See those cushions in the background? Daaaaaaaaaaaank.

I got two done before I ran out of the fabric I was willing to use for backings, so I’ll have to go rifling through my stash for more of that, but it goes to show that I have oodles of shiny taffetas and fluffy af fabrics for cushions, but am low on the practical kinds. I’M SO FANCY.

All good, though. I figure this is the kind of project I can plug away at, make one or two each day when I get stumped on other things…or stuck in worry mode, again.

The rest of my time off gets busy again after today, so I’m so glad I got that kick in the rear and spent some time puttering about with things that bring me joy over the last couple of days. It all saves my sanity and makes me feel like a real person again.

What are your down time, winter hermit strategies? What puts the wind back in your post-holiday sails?



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