Developing Developments

No soup of the week post this week, I’m afraid.

Fact is, I’ve barely thought about food at all this week as I’ve been holed up in my nerd cave for most of it putting together a proposal for something exciting that I am very passionate about and OMG! Guys! That shit is HARD!

I did get to learn to use some fun, open source video editing software and create a bunch of doodles, so it’s not all bad at all, but I feel like I’m in a whole other dimension now that it has been submitted. And my brain hurts. I haven’t had to use those proposal-writing muscles in a very long time and last time I did, it was in French, so this was…weird.

It also required that I work closely with Rob for much of it and, like, consider his expert opinion and such. ALSO HARD.

I shan’t talk too much about what I’m proposing just yet, but I hope you’ll all send good vibes into the universe about it and keep your fingers crossed for me. I should be back to the regularly scheduled, gustatory programming soon, but I need to find the right thread to follow back to reality first.

Love and such,



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  1. Gail says:

    Wishing you all the best vibes pissible.


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