I Am a Wild Party

I am typically all about the birthdays. I really love them. I like to spoil friends for their birthdays and I like to spoil friends for my birthdays. I usually even throw myself two parties each year – one holding court at a local watering hole where folks can pop in and say “hey!” and another, more intimate party chez nous for which I prep a bunch of food and we all eat until bursting and get rather silly.

This year, though, our January booked up rather quickly between work and social engagements and I just wasn’t feeling it. Instead, I had a cozy soirée chez nous with just a handful of lovely loves that I made to paint in our comically dimly lit living room.

I know you can do fun paint parties out on the town, but everyone sitting around and painting the same thing just isn’t my jam. I’m not going to judge you if it is your jam and I quite like seeing the results of these evenings, but I like something more spontaneous and needlessly sadistic, like forcing my loved ones to paint AND cooperate over acrylics in our comically dimly lit living room in order to make me happy because it’s my birthday.

I did feed them.

We picked up this ridiculously seafood- and cheese-laden pasta bake thingy at costco:


Lookit that lobster claw! There were at least ten of those on top of the casserole thingy!

So, this thing was ok, but kind of bland. It needed stinkier cheese…and wine. Lots of wine.

Truth be told, President’s Choice does a better one, but this was worth trying and the PC one doesn’t have all of those impressive lobster claws.

When we woke up yesterday morning, the first thing out of Rob’s mouth was “I gotta make you a CAKE!”

“Ummmm…how about a pie? A lemon meringue pie?”

“I don’t know how to make a pie!!!”

I had to get him under control or I would end up with a cake like he did, which was chocolate with peanut butter chips, layered with nutella and marshmallow fluff and covered in all manner of gummies and must have weighed 20 pounds and took us two weeks to finish because I only had one piece because that kind of cake is not my thing…like…at all. And, let’s be real, he was making a cake for him.

We settled on a lemony cake with lemon curd filling and rainbow sprinkles:


Yes, the daughter did lick it. So did the tabbies.

BFF, Megan, my trusty gessotrix extraordinaire (like, she’s uncannily good at that shit), made quick work of gessoing a bunch of canvases for us:


And we got to work.

Look how happy everyone is!


They love me.

The coffee table was a work of art in its own right:


The idea was for everyone to paint a layer and pass it on so everyone ended up contributing to each canvas. It was all VERY serious business, so we didn’t really get anything “finished”, but here are some of the results:


See? Serious business, folks.

I did the finishing layer on this one. I was told it was a cactus before it came to me, but I saw an alien frolicking in a garden. He totally looks like Sheldon James Plankton, from Spongebob, but, like, happy. I also don’t feel that he’s finished as I think he needs more flowers for frolicking in.


This is an unfinished one with its whole life ahead of it. I’m excited for it.


This is one the daughter did the last layer on. I’m not sure if she thinks it’s done or not because she abandoned me to go on a date and she didn’t know if that was a friend date or not. Life imitating art, and the rest.


I also did the latest layer on this one because I’m a painting MACHINE. When I stopped working on it last night, I thought it wasn’t finished. When I looked at it again today, I feel kinda happy with it almost as-is. Needs a little touching up, but I might leave it alone after that.



I’m really in love with this one and I think everyone had their hand in it. I know I started with it because of the neon pink in the background (it’s my favourite, but a total jerk to work with), and Rob was the last to touch it and it morphed in such fun ways.

My glasses got pretty too:


So, I had fun, which is all that is important because it was my birthday, but I think others did, too. I mean, I could paint forever, but it’s also entertaining to see what happens when others let loose their creativity. We don’t take it very seriously, so it’s all just play, but I always delight in the outcome.



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