What I Did on my Summer Vacation – Part Un

In the wee hours of yesterday morning, the mister and I returned from a week long adventure on Salt Spring Island or, as we call it, Fraggle Rock.

It was a bit odd for me as a good portion of the maternal side of my BFF’s fam jam picked up and moved to the island a handful of lifetimes ago, so it’s a place I have heard things about in every lifetime since in that “oh! you like foxgloves? you’ll LOVE Salt Spring Island! they grow EVERYWHERE on Salt Spring Island!” kind of way.


These guys pop up all over the place, all willy nilly, not at all in the orderly fashion we see here in Ontario. I mean, sometimes they’re in gardens, but most of them are strewn about on roadsides and in the woods and generally distinctly not in places selected by humans, which probably makes them pretty self-actualized, as far as flowers go.

But then there’s the lavender! I also happen to love lavender and lavender ALSO grows in abundance on Salt Spring Island. I other also happen to love bees AND THE LAVENDER COMES FULLY EQUIPPED WITH BEES! Lookit these little guys!

I was entirely surrounded by three of my favourite things and that was just where we were staying, which was at Rob’s folks’ place, which is just stunning.

This dude was my first Salt Spring Island pal:

Salt Spring Island is home to so many cool critters, like these teeny, tiny deer who kinda just loaf about nibbling whatever is handy (much to the dismay of the peoples who are trying to grow food) or in the middle of the road:

(Note Rob creepily trying to convince the poor wee does that they should get scooped.)

Also, these cool beetle bugs with boundary issues and fluffy, fluffy antennae:

And perhaps the sweetest kitty in the whole wide world:

She’s just an itty bitty kitty, missing one eye and blind in the other, but she knows what the what is and I’m pretty sure she contains 93% of all the magic in the realm.

There were also silly goats:

And silly crabs:

And fluffy chicken butts:

And hippies:

This was an amazing marimba ensemble we caught at the Salt Spring Saturday Market, where Rob’s ma has a booth for her biz, Lizprintz Creations. I was maybe a wee bit overexcited for market day as I kind of dragged Rob down the mountain before anyone else was up so I could take in as much of it as possible. I’m so glad I did because there is a LOT to take in. I’m pretty sure it took us a good hour and a half to tour the market once.

But then there was shopping to do!

And food to eat!

I was also glad because the walk down the mountain and into Ganges is a pretty special thing on its own.

In a far less picturesque setting, the walk would have taken us 35 minutes, but this was Fraggle Rock, so it took us an hour.

There were berries to pick:

And gnarly trees to visit with:

And pictures to take:

And views to admire:

And charming paths to follow into the woods:

That path lead to this wee cottage:

Someone please buy me this cottage? It is perfection.

It’s not actually for sale and I’m sure it would cost $583750868 if it was, but if you do buy me this perfect, wee cottage, I’ll be your best friend and invite you to my birthday party.

Speaking of birthday parties, the raison d’être for this trip to the westerly coast was to celebrate Rob’s mum’s 65th birthday and to participate in the extravaganza that was her party.

Speaking of perfection, this party was that.

It was held at the cutest community venue, called Beaver Point Hall, which was kind of like the TARDIS or the house in House of Leaves in that it’s FAR bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside.

Elizabeth (Rob’s mum) thought of all the details, including the riot of mismatched tablecloths punctuated with these amazing centerpieces of bouquets made by a fellow market vendor and the teeniest, water-submersible fairy lights:

See? Brilliant.

The whole place looked so festive, but not at all overdone once we were finished decorating.

Even the food was beautiful:

Confession: I was pretty seriously prepared to elope with this plate of beets and cheese. SO PRETTY. SO GOOD.

Rob’s pop went all out in food prep and was the talk of the town for at least an afternoon after buying all of the salmon for this (and this is just ONE such plate of four or five) plate of delectable:

He also made a metric shit tonne of some of the best Thai green curry I’ve ever had, which seriously impressed me because the recipe contained fish sauce, which is an easy ingredient to fuck up because it’s so salty and fishy. Doing it on a large scale makes it even trickier, but his was OH-EM-GEE good.

Everything was so good and I wanted to go back for seconds, but after that big ol’ plate full of goodness, I was done.

Needless to say, the party was a hit, a good time was had by all, and, of course, I managed to wrench my ankle. Not badly and luckily I held off on maiming myself until after I was done dancing, but still. I was pretty pissed as it limited activities for the remainder of the trip and made travelling home quite a lot nastier than it should have been.

As chill and relaxing as Salt Spring Island is, I found it hard to have any chill. I mean, I saw dolphins on the ferry on the way in! There was so much cool flora and fauna to take in! There were boats and beaches and kingfishers and seals and and and…

I took out a nice little package of materials for arting on the down time, but it was all sensory overload for me. Too much to see to spend any time with my nose in anything. I’m not sure I would ever get anything productive done if I lived there as I just cannot imagine it lacking in novelty.

I would go back in an instant, but I am very glad to be home. I missed my people a whole lot and my fuzzy monsters a whole lot more. The daughter did an amazing job of holding down the (tree) fort while we were gone. Have I mentioned lately how great it is to have adult sprogs I can count on for stuff like that? It’s a pretty good gig, guys.

I rather luckily have some down time in the coming weeks, so I’m looking forward to processing all of this inspiration through creative outlets and actually having reset the mental space button with this little getaway so I can do that…and perhaps think on where to go next 🙂


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