Corny corn pancakes with spiked and spiced maple sauce

In our years of living in sin, the mister’s and mine cooking trade-off has always meant that he cooks on Mardi Gras, or pancake day.¬† By a fluke of bad luck and a series of unfortunate events, I finally got the chance to show my chops in the fat Tuesday arena and here we are….

Salisbury Steaks

I don’t think I need to say much about this classic except that I’m always reminded of Tom Waits’ Nighthawks at the Diner any time I think about¬† Salisbury steak. So, just put this on and make ’em. You should be tossing the patties into the gravy to simmer just in time to have a…

Melanesca sauce

Every time I serve dishes that feature this sauce, they get rave reviews and, I shit you not, tears. Real tears. Once. The dude I had fed it to, over a bit of savoury, cheesy bread pudding, said it was the best tomato sauce he had ever tasted in his life and shed some tears….